Monday, March 10, 2014

Blowing off the dust...

It is scary how long it has been since I have even thought about the dream to have people read the stories that I create. I looked at it a bit last year but there are editing copies of my manuscript of No One Else that haven't been touched since 2008. How did I set things aside for so long?

Life gets busy. So busy, sometimes, that it seems impossible to find time for the escape away from reality that is writing; creating characters that I care about, making them a story, chemistry, and conflict to bind them together. Sometimes I forget about what a blissful escape it is to let myself fall into story building and intense emotion between my characters.

Either way, my dry spell is over! I am back in action with plans for No One Else and more books to come after that. The biggest decision is which stories to write first - which directions to go in first. Lots of new adventures to be had, just have to grab them, tag them down and start to construct them.

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