Monday, September 6, 2010


Well, the laptop is back!

Originally, they had told me it would be Tuesday (tomorrow) before it got in with their regular shipment (according to the guy I talked to, it was the next shipment they would be receiving), but on Saturday, they called and said they had gotten a "drop shipment" and my laptop was in. If you ask me, it had probably been there all week and they just couldn't find it in their disorganized store room.

Once again, though, my WiFi works, and nothing had better screw up again, or if it does, it had better happen before Thursday, which is when my warranty runs out!

Either way, things have been blossoming in my brain idea-wise since the laptop went in... nice, right?

So I get the laptop back and huzzah!, let's get back to writing, I say.

Fingers disagree.

I finally had to institute for myself a BICHOK night. I spend some time on the Romance Divas forum and it is a pretty snazzy place for inspiration and commiseration and time wasteration. They like to tell each other "BICHOK!" - Butt In Chair, Hands On Keyboard... just write it. I figured a good hour of BICHOK would be great for my story.

If I had been a tiny child, I would have been doing the equivalent of kicking and screaming in the candy aisle because I couldn't get what I wanted but secretly what I really wanted was just to get the hell out of the grocery store. I was so uncomfortable with my internal dialogue regarding this new book I am writing, or lack thereof, anyways. It was not flowing the way I wanted it to... I spent an hour with the laptop in front of me and allowed myself to be (read: begged for) distracted by a puppy in my bed, checking my email, fiddling with Windows Media Player, and sometimes just staring around boredly as my characters were not speaking to me. I wrote 1597 words, but every single one of them was mindless drivel and not a letter of it should be published. Even within my writing, I let myself keep getting distracted by my old characters from my first manuscript, who support a large part of the story in THIS one, I just wanted to keep writing the stories of my old characters in the vein of my last book instead of writing the story for these new, foreign characters. So easy to get back into my old comfortable hero boyfriend and heroine best friend!

Nonetheless, I will chug away and I think that my BICHOK hour is going to become something a little more regular... perhaps every night, at least an hour. EVENTUALLY, I am going to churn out something worth sharing!

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