Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The least of my virtues...

... may just be patience.

Though I have been interested in recording stories my whole life, I only got my first laptop a few years ago, and it was just a cheap eBay deal that didn't even have the capability to hook up to the internet (well, without some tech-savvy-ness that I don't posess), and was probably built before the dawn of the WiFi card. I hacked away at that, wrote the majority of a 100k word manuscript on it (and edited the majority of that manuscript on it), lugged it to writer's group meetings where I was ridiculed for it being held together by black electrical tape and babied along. It never died, per se (I just booted it up last week for fun!), but I was blessed with a new-to-me laptop as a Christmas gift last year.

All I can say is "I will never buy another computer without a warranty again" - I have had this HP Pavillion for less than a year and I have taken advantage of the warranty 3 times in the last six months - once was for a motherboard replacement (it was giving me the black-screen-o-death), once to replace the adaptor cord (which was way more than fair of FutureShop to do because, well, my dogs kind of killed it), and at the moment, it is back in for another motherboard replacement. Can we all insert a collective "AAARRRGH!" here?

I have been going through a creative dry spell as of late, and allowing myself to be distracted by other things, including a non-writing-related-non-fiction blog that has a pretty decent fan base/following... but I have been desperate to get back into writing. Right before the wi-fi died (which is why it needs another motherboard replacement), I had decided I would JUST WRITE. Unfortunately, didn't have time for that as the warranty (that was graciously left over when it was bought) runs out on the 9th of September... so had to get it in ASAP.

They projected 2-3 weeks... Monday was two weeks. I started calling. I couldn't talk to the tech guy that keeps track of those things, so I decided to drop by. Last night, I dropped by again. Tonight? Might just drop by again. Every. Single. Night. Until they give me my laptop back. I want to write, damnit!

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